Kate is the exhibition program in the project space of Nieuw en Meer. The Keet has always been there, but now there is Kate. Nestled on the outskirts of Amsterdam, hidden in the Oeverlanden, Kate curates a program of indoor and outdoor exhibitions and events.

Kate showcases both emerging and established artists. Annually, Kate hosts a takeover by a fellow artists’ initiative. In 2023, we gave space to Billytown, and in 2024, it will be PS Projectspace.

The guiding principle for Kate’s program is to present a multidisciplinary and polyphonic cross-section of developments in the arts. The choices we make are guided by the desire of artists to relate to our specific location. Kate considers it important to continuously question and redefine both indoor and outdoor spaces.

In recent times, we’ve exhibited works by artists such as Gijs Assmann, Feiko Beckers, Maarten Bel, Lisa Blaauwbroek, Maze de Boer, Ronald Boom, Stijn ter Braak, Casper Braat, Esther Brakenhoff, Katrein Breukers, Jeroen Cremers, Bonno van Doorn, Paul Geelen, Willem de Haan, Cecile Hübner, Steven Jouwersma, Alban Karsten, Toine Klaassen, Vincent Knopper, Sytske van Koeveringe, Frank Koolen, Emma Levie, Isa van Lier, Oscar Lourens, Tim Mathijsen, Olga Micińska, Monika Nowak, Navid Nuur, Marc Oosting, Marieke Opgelder, Oscar Peters, Iede Reckman, Sarah Reinbold, Loïs Richard, Eva Schippers, Maarten Schuurman, Mari Stoel, Jelle Slof, Boris Tellegen, Alex Winters, Koen Taselaar, Joost Krijnen, Richard Mulder, Laura Bouman, Joshua Goyenecnea, Joost Vermeer, Tild Green, Marc Oosting, Daniel Hofstede, Nayul Kim, and Pedram Sazesh.

Kate is independent and made possible by participating artists and by the members of Nieuw en Meer. The program is curated by Sanne van Balen, Maurice Bogaert, Hagar Schuringa, and Sjoerd Tim.

Kate is also open—open to ideas and proposals for exhibitions and events. lab@nieuwenmeer.nl

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