A Grand Day Out

An exhibition with Jan Dirk Adams, Melle de Boer, Katherina Heil, Sam Hersbach, Robbin Heyker, Maja Klaassens, Rik Möhlmann, Yukari Nakamichi, Robbert Pauwels, Iede Reckman, Alexander Webber and Marieke van ‘t Zet.

Early in the morning of September 30th, artists from Billytown will gather their proverbial bags and embark on a journey towards the lights of the big city. Carrying their carefully selected artworks on the Billy-bus, an extraordinary excursion is anticipated – a true Grand Day Out is in the making.

Billytown is a hybrid art space that combines the commercial aspects of running a gallery with the identity of an artists’ initiative. It houses twenty studios, a guest studio, the gallery, the Bookshop, the Kitchen, a process-oriented project space with flexible programming, and The Archives / Peter van Beveren Library.