What’s happening

Hi, this is Kate!

Kate is the name of the new programme in the project space at Nieuw & Meer. De Keet was always there, but now there is Kate.


Friday, May 5th at 17.00 two exhibitions open; the duo exhibition Riparian Figuration by Koen Taselaar & Joost Krijnen in Kate, and Totem by Richard Mulder in Kate’s Garden.

In Kate’s Garden, Richard Mulder / Rich-Art presents his new and site-specific work Totem. Richard’s work is colorful wood poetry; an assemblage of totems and amulets.

Inside Kate, Joost Krijnen and Koen Taselaar present their work. Joost Krijnen draws and paints with a certain controlled rush and directness in which observation, memory and fantasy merge. The clear imagery and themes seem uncomplicated at first glance, but can also elicit a more complex interpretation.

In his work, Koen Taselaar creates a universe in which he alone sets the rules. It consists of detailed drawings, colorful ceramics and jacquard-woven tapestries. The tapestries are one of the many ways he translates his drawings into another medium, with each tapestry telling a unique story.
Vernissage May 5th 5-9pm. And beyond that, the exhibition is open Saturday and Sunday May 6, 7 and 13, 14 from 1 to 5 pm.


Kate is independent. Kate’s Nightshop is made possible by all participating artists and by Atelier Complex Nieuw & Meer.