An exhibition with Laura Bouman, Joshua Goyenechea and Joost Vermeer. 

“What is it that we leave behind, and what is it that remains to continue with? As we navigate through life, memories linger, like traces or scratches we bring along. We carry forward these memory scraps that embed themselves in the systems and patterns we construct around us: redefining value by reshaping of what is left, and over to continue with.”

Left / Over shows three artists from different educational backgrounds that connect in their practice focused on methods of creation. Carrying out a series of investigations in material, space and thought. The term ‘left’ symbolizes memories and thoughts the artists draw inspiration from. ‘Over’ embodies their tangible creations. Left/Over is a manifestation of lingering memories, human and non-human traces, and a contradiction of systems.

Photographer: Luc Wittebol